2 oct. 2013

Experiencias Aprendidas sobre MOOCs

Anexo un excelente e-book denominado como Experiencias Aprendidas con MOOCs y Aprendizaje Open Online, realizado por el Php. George Veletsianos de Hybrid Pedagogy.

link del e-book:

Temario del estudio:

Chapter 1: How do learners experience open online learning?
George Veletsianos, PhD

Chapter 2: Searching for Extraterrestrials, One Video Lecture at a Time
Jennifer Ramirez

Chapter 3: MOOCs: Falling Short of What Online Learning Could Be
Michael Ota

Chapter 4: Culinary Creations from the Online Chef
Mary Bisheh

Chapter 5: MOOCs made me see the potential of online learning
Hui-chieh Chen

Chapter 6: Free, but monotonous and frustrating?
Afriannoor Miradinata

Chapter 7: Tales of a MOOC Dropout
Cindy Londeore

Chapter 8: What I Learned From And About MOOCs
Bahaa G. Ghobrial

Chapter 9: Learning about MOOCs by being in one
Mihyun Lim

Chapter 10: How I Learned to Stop Struggling and Translate the Web
Anne Valauri

Chapter 11: Becoming a DJ: Learning How to Mix Electronic Music via the Open Web
Michael Mendoza

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